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Just to make sure everyone has a profile URL they like, Admin can allow username changes for them. To enable this feature go to Backend > Peepso > Configuration > General > Usernames

and check "Allow username changes" toggle.

Peepso Docs - Allow username changes.png

When users edit their account there will be username field and users can change the username they want.

Peepso Docs - Username change edit account.png

And also there is another configuration to Clean up third party registrations, Some plugins (like WooCommerce, EDD and Learndash) create user accounts where the usename is an e-mail address. PeepSo uses the usernames to build profile URLs, which can lead to accidental e-mail exposure through site URLs. Enabling this feature will cause PeepSo to step in during third party user registration and automatically generate a safe username for the new user.

Peepso Docs - Clean Up Third party registrations.png