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Author Profiles


Show "Blog Posts" tab in user profiles

Hide when empty

The profile tab will not appear if the user has no blog posts

Enable Author Box

Adds a small "about the author" box under blog posts

Text before author name

Custom Text before author name

Two column layout

Enable two column layout

Enable to change Blog Posts layout into two column layout in Blog Posts user Profiles

Box height (px)

Set Box Height for Blog Posts box in Blog Posts user Profiles


Length limit (words)

Limit words content in Blog Posts Box

Aggressive shortcode removal

Forced removal of some shortcodes immune to native WP methods (eg Divi Builder and similar). This is an experimental feature, we recommend using plain-text excerpts instead.

Featured Images

Show featured images

Show featured images in Blog Posts Box


Show placeholder image for empty Blog Posts Image


Image Position. Top (rectangle), Left (square), and Right (square)

Height (px)

Image Height in Pixels

Activity Streams

Post to Activity Stream

Enable/Disable post to activity stream

Append title after action text

Append blogpost title after action text on stream

Default privacy

Default stream privacy

Comments integration

Replaces WordPress comments with PeepSo comments and likes/reactions.

Hide "join now" cover

Hides the default PeepSo cover shown to guests.

Header (general)

Displays above the entire comments integration

Header (like/Reaction)

Custom Header display before Like/Reaction

Header (comments)

Custom Header display above Comment

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