Can’t upload photos

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The postbox seems to be loading them and then suddenly it doesn’t do anything. The progress bar shows 100%, though.


Possible solution:

Make sure the files directory is writable. The fastest way of checking it is going to the backend of your

WP site > PeepSo > Config > File System and click the Save button.

If you see a message like the one below you need to make sure the directory is writable. Depending on the server you’re using (linux, windows) the approach is different. It is recommended to contact your hosting company or a system administrator.

Directory not writable error peepso social networking for wordpress.jpeg

Filename too long

A possible other reason why a picture won't upload is because of the filename length. A picture with a long filename is going to show the progress bar of uploading without going any further.

Rename the file and try again.