Configuring PeepSo myCRED-integration

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myCRED awards users points for actions performed on your website. With the integration plugin users can earn creds for actions within the community as well.

First of all, after installing the add-on (and of course the myCRED plugin itself) go to your dashboard -> PeepSo Config -> MyCRED and activate.


After that go to your Dashboard -> Points -> Hooks

There you can add the PeepSo hook.


Once the PeepSo hook is added you can set the option just as you like it.


The following hooks are available in the settings itself.

  • New PeepSo Post
  • PeepSo Post Deletion
  • New PeepSo Message
  • PeepSo Message Deletion
  • New PeepSo Comment
  • Comment Deletion
  • Add New PeepSo Friend
  • PeepSo Friend Deletion
  • Add New PeepSo Stream Photo
  • Deleting PeepSo Stream Photo
  • Add New PeepSo Profile Cover
  • Deleting PeepSo Profile Cover
  • Add New PeepSo Profile Avatar
  • Deleting PeepSo Profile Avatar