Email Digest not sent

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Fixing issue Email Digest not sent:

  • Please make sure Email Digest is running by WP Cron or External Cron
  • How many posts should be included per one email must be greater than total posts, except Send Email Digest emails even if there are less posts config is set to "Yes"
  • Include most liked post, Include most commented post, and Allow duplicate posts are related, for example when Send Email Digest emails even if there are less post is on and Allow duplicate posts is off, while you have 2 activities, it will not send. because 1 post is used for the most liked and the other is used for the most comment, for the general content of the Email Digest itself is empty, so it's not sent. Then if Allow duplicate post is on, it will be sent, eventhough the contents are the same.
  • For the current version, Email Digest contents are taken only from Main Activity, Group Activity is not included.