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Exit gateway URLs is one of security feature in PeepSo, users will be shown a warning page when clicking an external link inside any PeepSo page.

The warning page is the one containing peepso_external_link_warning shortcode.

To enable this feature go to Admin > Peepso > Configuration > Advanced > Security check Enable "external link warning" page toggle.

You can add whitelisted domain on Domain whitelist field. That way the domain names that you trust don’t have to have that confirmation.

The redirect warning page also does not ‘kick in’ when you link to own site or use the BlogPosts integration for example.

Peepso Docs - Afmin external link warning.png

This is the warning page on frontend when users clicking external link in your PeepSo site.

Peepso Docs - Site external link warning.png

The No, Take me Back button will redirect you back to community page and the Yes, Take me there button will take you to external page.