Fixing issues with navigation, broken links, trashed pages

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If your website is experiencing:

  • broken / malformed / strangely looking links
  • 404 messages
  • any other issues that seem related to page URLs

1. Make sure that "WordPress Address" and "Site Address" are properly configured in your WordPress settings - it is recommended to use https:// (SSL). If you recently switched from http:// to https:// you might need to update these settings. PeepSo requires these two settings to be identical to avoid navigation issues.

Peepso Docs WP Settings URLs.png

2. Go to Admin > Pages and find the page with a related PeepSo shortcode (Read more about PeepSo shortcodes). You can list all PeepSo pages by searching for peepso_

Peepso Docs - Admin Page.png

3. Edit the Page.

4. Click "update".

Peepso Docs - Admin Edit Page.png

5. The problem should be solved.

Special case: "trashed" pages

If you experience issues with trashed pages like this example

  1. Delete the existing page along with the trashed page.
  2. Empty the trash inside your "pages" in the Dashboard.
  3. Recreate the page that had the issue (for example profile page)
  4. Include the PeepSo Shortcode for that page (Read more about PeepSo shortcodes)