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Navigate to: Backend > PeepSo > Configuration > Advanced Ads

  • Display PeepSo Ad Placements after
    Display ads after X posts on the stream. For example if you want the first ad to show after the first post, set it to 1. If you want the first ad to show after 5 posts, show it to 5 etc.
    There must be at least 2 posts on the stream for the setting of ‘1’ to work.
  • Repeat every each
    Show more ads every X posts. For example to show an ad every other post, set it to 1.
  • Mark PeepSo Stream Ads as "sponsored"
    Display information that the ‘post’ is an actual ad and not a post made by a user.
  • "Sponsored content" text
    Admin can decide whether to say: ‘Sponsored content’, ‘ad’, ‘word from a sponsor’ etc.