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The settings of GroupSo can be found in your WordPress Dashboard under PeepSo Config -> Groups

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Enable Group Creation

Turning this option on would allow all members of the community to create Groups.

Turning this option off only allows the admins to create Groups.

Group Listing

Show Group Owner and Creation Date

Show or hide the groups owner(s) in the groups listing

Show Creation Date

Show or hide the groups creation dates in the groups listing

Groups 2.png

Allow guest access

Show or hide the groups listing from visitors who are not logged in


Enable group categories

Users will be able to assign groups to categories.

To create categories go to PeepSo -> Group categories

Groups categories.png

Allow multiple categories per group

Users will be able to assign a group to multiple categories

Groups multiple categories.png

Hide empty categories

Hide categories which don't have any groups assigned to them.

Show group count

The count will not be accurate if a category contains unpublished or secret groups.

Groups categories count.png


Use slugs in group URLs

  • Enabled: /groups/my-amazing-group/
  • Disabled: /groups/1234/

Group slug changes

  • Option 1: group slug will stay the same as the original group name.
  • Option 2: new group slug will be generated upon group name change.
  • Option 3: the group owner can change the slug manually.


Replace "invite" with "add" for Admins

Site and Community Administrators will add users to group without the need to confirm.