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The settings of GroupSo can be found in your WordPress Dashboard under PeepSo Config -> Groups


Enable Group Creation

Turning this option on would allow all members of the community to create Groups.

Turning this option of only allows the admins to create Groups.

Show Group Owner and Creation Date


Enabling Post Updates on Groups Avatars and/or Covers

Turning this option on would post an update in the community with the new Avatar or Cover photo of the Group.

Group Listing

The backend of your WordPress site > PeepSo contains a new page: Groups shows a list of all groups in your community. You can administer those groups and publish or unpublish them. Unpublished groups will show on the frontend only to group owners and to site admins. Other group members will not have access nor see unpublished groups in any listings.


See "Groups Privacy" for the privacy options when creating a group.