Hashtags Configuration

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Update post count in tags every

Deleted and edited posts are checked periodically to update post counts for each hashtag. Smaller delay means more database load.


How many posts and hashtags to process in a single page load. Bigger batches mean faster updates, but generate higher load.

Delete empty hashtags

When enabled, hashtags with zero posts will be deleted and not shown in the widget or suggestions. Hashtags with zero posts can occur, when posts are deleted or edited.

Minimum hashtag length

Minimum hashtags length, shorter hashtags will be ignored

Maximum hashtag length

Maximum hashtags length, longer hashtags will be ignored

Hashtags must start with a letter

Enabled: hashtags beginning with a number will be ignored

Reset and rebuild the hashtags cache

Enable and click "save" to force a hashtag cache rebuild. It will also happen automatically after changing any of the hashtags settings.