License Keys Configuration

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1. Copy your license key(s). You can find them in the purchase confirmation email or in your account:

2. Download, Install and Activate the plugins.

3. Go to: Your WordPress site’s Backend > PeepSo > Configuration and paste the license keys in their respective fields and save the configuration.

Peepso Docs - License Keys.png

4. Plugins are now fully active.

I have an Ultimate Bundle License Key

If you have an Ultimate Bundle License Key. It's now easier because with single license key you can activate all of the PeepSo plugins.

To activate Ultimate Bundle License Key you can follow the steps below:

  1. Copy your bundle key. You can find the bundle key in
  2. Go to: Your WordPress site’s Backend > PeepSo > Configuration.
  3. Click "I have an Ultimate Bundle license" switch and a bundle field will show up
  4. Paste bundle license key into the bundle field and save configuration

The bundle key will automatically filled in all license key fields. If there is some license keys are not validating,

you can try to click the Bundle switch on-off and click save the configuration again.

Peepso Docs - Bundle License key.png

Please note!

The Domain Name on which the license keys are activated is added as The Supported Domain Name.

All purchases include One Year of Support and free updates for The Supported Domain Name, as described in the License Agreement. Subject to the limited Refund Policy.