Minimum System Requirements

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Minimum System Requirements Recommended System Requirements
WordPress 4.3 Latest version
PHP 5.6+ 7.1+
MySQL 5.6+ 5.6+
MariaDB 10.0+ 10.0+
RAM 64Mb 256Mb
Sessions Enabled Enabled
Other PHP Exif ImageMagick

Check WordPress minimum requirements here:

In general, most hosting offers on the market have a good grasp on the server configuration. However, there might be cases where it’d best to check it all yourself or have a system administrator do it for you when it comes to optimising site speed, server response times, etc. Here are articles we recommend you get yourself familiar with:


Depending on the number of users who are involved in your community and the level of involvement, meaning how the community is used (images being posted, likes, new posts etc), you may need to increase the values mentioned as the Minimum System Requirements like ram or even processor speed.