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Implementing Shortcodes

Upon Installation PeepSo creates a number of pages with shortcodes inside to render its content. It’s a common practice in WordPress. Below is a list of default pages and shortcodes the page contains.

Shortcode 1.png

Shortcodes follow few specific rules. First and foremost they are tightly connected to PeepSo navigation. Meaning navigation in PeepSo toolbar and others will rely on the URL of the pages containing the shortcodes.

Shortcode 2.png

For example Profile page, as shown in the screenshot above contains [peepso_profile] shortcode. And if you notice the slug / URL is:

That way PeepSo knows where to redirect and how navigation should go to /profile/. You can change the Slug in the page to something else if you want to. It can be anything, really. When you save changes of the page, the navigation will be updated.

Having that said, if you create another page containing the same shortcode, the first one will be no longer valid. The page will still render PeepSo and show profile, but navigation in PeepSo will point to the new URL.

For example:

  • Create a page with slug: /profile/ and containing [peepso_profile] shortcode
  • Create another page with slug: /user/ and containing [peepso_profile] shortcode

The result is: both pages will show PeepSo profiles BUT navigation within PeepSo will point to the latest created (saved) page. So in this case /user/.

This example is for [peepso_profile] but it's the exact same behavior for all of PeepSo shortcodes.

So if you're having problems with navigation and it's not pointing to where you want it to there are a few things you can try.

  • Delete all pages containing PeepSo shortcodes, empty the trash too, make sure they're gone for good. Then deactvate and activate PeepSo. It will create new pages.
  • Go to each page containing PeepSo shortcodes, edit them one by one, make sure the slug is what you want it to be, save changes.