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Since Peepso Version 1.10.2 everything that is connected to maintaining, cleaning up, recounting, etc were centrallized in one master PeepSo Maintenance Cron. This should lower the recourses usage and limit the impact these scripts have on perceived loading times. On top of that, each little script is separately timed, so in case of resource usage spikes we will be able to step in and quickly debug without the need of digging through QueryMonitor outputs.

Peepso Maintenance Cron.jpg

External cron job

You can use an external Cron Job, like a one that cpanel has to offer. To use it head to PeepSo Config > Advanced Options > Performance > Disable PeepSo Default Maintenance Cron like it's shown in the screenshot below:

Peepso Docs - Maintenance Cron.png

For more help with setting up cron jobs you can also contact your hosting provider for more information on how to get it setup in your particular environment. There's also a great video tutorial that's available here explaining what a cron job is and how it works.

The command that you should use is:


or if your server doesn't support wget you can use Curl.


where in place of '' you should enter your own domain name. if your peepso site is under subdomain, you can change the site url to


Setting the cron externally is recommended for bigger communities. You can set the cron interval to run every 5 minutes and it works best for most sites.

Or it depends how large your community are. More bigger data can take more loading time for the maintenance scripts to run.