Recommended Ad Creation Process For PeepSo Stream Ad

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Any ad type can be placed in PeepSo Activity Stream. The Integration Plugin adds another Ad Type.

PeepSo Stream Ad

The point of this ad type is to blend in with PeepSo Activity Stream as much as possible so that ads don’t stand out like a sore thumb.



PeepSo Stream Ad

Ads that display in PeepSo stream.


Ad Parameters

It comes with a set of its own Ad Parameters:

  • Avatar - Displays on Activity Stream as a ‘user avatar’
  • Image - Displays on Activity Stream as a ‘user added image’
  • Content - Displays on Activity Stream as a ‘user added post’
  • URL - Where the ad leads.

All of them should be utilized for the best possible usage of the ad on the stream. Of course you don’t have to use the avatar, the image or the content for the text. It’s up to you as the admin.


Layout / Output

"Position" and "show only once" might not work properly when in PeepSo Stream placement

Display Conditions

Display conditions are not supported in in PeepSo Stream placement.

Visitor Conditions

Apart from core Advanced Ads and Advanced Ads Pro - which will not be discussed in this doc, the Integration Plugin adds new conditions based on what PeepSo plugins are installed and activated. More on the possible conditions in the following chapter.