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You can connect each course to any group, which means that when you create a course you can connect the course to the group you want. So when members view the course, there will be a widget that will show which groups are associated with the course. Conversely, when a member view a group, the widget will display the courses associated with the group. This feature requires Groups Plugins to be enabled.

Setting up Courses

1. Go to Backend > Learndash > Courses

2. Click Add new button in the Courses Page

3. Set up the course settings, and at the bottom of the page you'll see "Peepso Groups - Related Group" section, select any groups that related to the course.

Peepso Docs - Related Groups Courses.png

4. Click Publish

Adding Widget

1. Go to Backend > Appearances > Widgets

2. Add "PeepSo LearnDash: Courses & Groups integration" widget to widget area

3. Change the title if you need it, and save the widget.

Peepso Docs - Related Group Widget.png

Frontend View

Peepso Docs - Related Groups Courses Widget Frontend.png