Setting Up Vip Icons

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To Edit or Create your own Vip Icos go to your Admin -> PeepSo -> Vip Icons

Add New Vip Icon

Click Add new button to Add new Vip Icon

Peepso Docs - Vip Add new.png

Edit Label

Click on the label to edit Vip Icon's label.

Peepso Docs - Edit Label Vip.png

Edit Icon

Click on the icon to edit Vip Icon's icon, select available icons or upload new icon.

Peepso Docs - Edit Icon Vip.png


Click toggle to published/unpublished Vip Icon

Peepso Docs - Edit Published Vip.png

Edit Description

Change description to edit Vip Icon's description

Peepso Docs - Edit Description Vip.png

Delete Vip Icon

Click trash icon to delete Vip Icon

Peepso Docs - Delete Vip.png