Setting up custom fields

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To create your own Profile fields you go to your Dashboard -> PeepSo -> Profiles


You start out with some standard core fields. To add a new one just click on Add New and select what you want to add.

If you want to rename a field, click on the name of the field itself and you can edit it. Don't forget to save your changes.


There are different settings for each field. Here is the example for the Website field.

General Settings

Enabling or disabling a field can be done here.

Also the choice to include it in the registration form is available.



Depending on the field the options might be different but in the screenshot you can see the options for the website field for example.



Set the default privacy of every field in this section and disable or enable if users can change that setting in their profile.



This option can be different depending on the type of field as well.

But the option "required" is the same on all fields which let's you decide if the field is required or not.


In the related articles you can see more info on how to use the Location Field as it requires a little more than just the standard settings.