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The PeepSo Core plugin can be upgraded with a Zip installation file or by using the WordPress Plugin Directory (core) or automatic updates for all the child plugins.

Preparations before the upgrade that must be done

  • Create a backup of the entire site, files and database.
  • Make sure the backup works.
  • Put the site in maintenance mode.
  • Update plugins with one of the methods described below.

Automatic Updates In WordPress Backend

For a quick and hassle-free upgrade:

  1. Go to the backend of your site > Dashboard > Updates
  2. Select all PeepSo plugins that need to be updated
  3. Click ‘Update Plugins’ (note: this will deactivate all of the add-on plugins), don’t worry, they’ll come back during Step 7
  4. Update PeepSo Core
  5. Go to the backend > Plugins
  6. Reactivate all PeepSo plugins

The whole operation doesn’t take more than 3 minutes. Should you have any issues or questions, please do contact us.

Using A Zip Installation File

  • Open the PeepSo configuration.

Upgrades uninstallation peepso social networking for wordpress.jpg

  • Options that must NOT be checked for UPGRADES
Under the “PeepSo Uninstall” options make sure that the: “Delete Post and Comment data” and “Delete all data and settings” ARE NOT CHECKED. Otherwise you will lose everything users ever posted on the site.
  • Save changes.
  • Navigate to the plugins list.
  • Find PeepSo.
  • Deactivate and remove PeepSo.
  • Navigate to Plugins > Add New.
  • Use the “Upload Plugin” button.
  • Upload the installation package
  • Install and activate.

PeepSo upgrade from a zip file

Plugins not activating Plugins not updating

  1. No PeepSo Add-on will activate if PeepSo base plugin (Foundation) has a different version number or is inactive. This is a precaution against fatal errors about missing classes / methods / functions
  2. Some "Integration" plugins also require a third party plugin to be active, for example WooCommerce, Advanced Ads...
  3. All PeepSo plugins need to be ACTIVE in order to check for updates
  4. They also need a valid license key
If a plugin is inactive, it won't get updated. If you update Foundation, it will be impossible to activate it anymore. So you might get stuck with an outdated, inactive integration plugin. Then the only thing that helps is manual reinstallation.