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Peepso Woocommerce Integration is a way to create a store for Your Community. It’s a fantastic way to monetize your site. You can integrate woocommerce plugin along peepso plugins and make your community more valuable. Is your community revolving around motorbikes? Why not sell them some gear. Gaming? Sell them games. Gardening? Sell them shovels. You can sell any stuff in your community. With Peepso Woocommerce integration users will share their activity on the store to your community, whenever they make a purchase or review a product, there will be a corresponding post created on stream.


User Profiles

Welcome to unified shopping experience where users, except when visiting the store, don’t have to leave the social aspect of your site. Store navigation has been added to User Profiles in PeepSo. Orders and Cart menus are available in PeepSo Profile Widget as well as in the dropdown on PeepSo Toolbar.


Users can set their shipping and billing addresses right in their profiles in PeepSo. When you go to profile > About you’ll see that there’s a new tab called Addresses.

Peepso Docs - Woocommerce Adresses.png


Orders are a bit more complex than that, since this is one of the most important aspects of the shopping experience. That’s one of the reasons they are put in a separate tab in profiles. Orders come with three views, those are: Orders, Order Tracking and Downloads (if you’re selling digital goods).

Peepso Docs - Woocommerce Orders.png

Peepso Docs - Woocommerce Orders Downloads.png


This consists of pretty much 2 views, the actual Cart and Checkout. Both are rather self-explanatory.

Peepso Docs - Woocommerce Cart.png

Peepso Docs - Woocommerce Checkout.png